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VS #7-"The Derelict" (Epilogue)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 8:40 am    Post subject: VS #7-"The Derelict" (Epilogue) Reply with quote


(NOTE-This marks Baltar's first appearance in the entire VS since episode #1 "Matter Of Honor")

The sonic razor's buzz was not as strong as it had once been, indicating that the power cells were dying. Sooner or later, it would cease to function and the only tools that would be left to handle the simple task of shaving would be a crude knife and some water.

So be it, Baltar thought disdainfully as he turned the unit off and rubbed his face. The last thing he intended to do was ‘go native' as they used to say in the Colonies and just grow a beard to compensate for the lack of decent shaving equipment. As far as he was concerned, he intended to maintain a civilized appearance for however long his lonely exile on this planet he'd been set loose on would continue. Which as of today had now reached three sectars and two cycles.

He went back to the small tent that he had assembled on that first day to act as his primary shelter, and carefully checked the status of the short-range communications transmitter he'd been provided with. Since that day when Apollo and Starbuck had left him on this habitable and reasonably temperate, but incredibly boring world, he had made sure that the transmitter was kept in an automatic operating state at all centars of the day. Transmitting again and again the simple Cylon code he recalled from his days as a baseship commander when power had been his, and when so much more had seemingly been in his grasp, only to see the opportunities thwarted again and again. Until finally, the fates had conspired to make him a prisoner of the Galactica, and to see him forced to regain his freedom only at the cost of providing intelligence that had been critical to the destruction of a lone Cylon baseship.

Which was one fact that he would never let the Cylon High Command know of when he was rescued. They would only hear a convincing tale of how he had escaped captivity and been forced to crash on this planet, where he had then managed to survive while waiting for rescue. A rescue that he needed to believe would come one day, since it was the only goal left for him to live for.

And then.....he could at last resume his quest to achieve his revenge on Adama. For despite the deference he'd been forced to show when he'd struck that bargain to win his freedom, he knew that only the gift of total absolution and a full pardon from Adama would have been sufficient to dim the hatred he still felt in his heart for the Galactica commander. For he still blamed Adama for forcing him to become the Cylons permanent ally when Adama had rejected his offer of a counterstrike against the Cylons during an encounter on the planet Kobol. And nothing could ever convince him that his hatred of Adama for that was unjust. No pointing out how his own delusions of power and lack of faith in human civilization had put him in an untenable position to begin with when he'd made the decision to sell out the human race to the Cylons in the phony peace settlement, hoping naively that both he and his wife Ayesha would be able to rule their own colony together as part of the Cylon Empire.

Very seldom did Baltar think of his wife in the yahren and a half since the Destruction, convinced as he was that she had been a victim of that carnage that had seen him double-crossed and his own colony destroyed. But on those isolated occasions he did think of her, it was only with the regret that he had not confided in her and told her why he had felt driven to do what he'd done. For he was sure that she would have understood, and given her own desire for power, she would have if anything been a further source of encouragement.

And yet....the fear that she would not have understood, and the fear that she would in fact have expressed only hatred for him and his actions if she'd survived and been able to see him again, was why he only allowed himself the isolated occasions to think of her. As if he was afraid that to think too much of her would make him suspect that perhaps there was more to her than he gave credit for.

(NOTE-Little does Baltar know that his wife Ayesha lives! Episode #5 "Collective Guilt" introduced us to her, and how she is trying to live a new life of anonymity within the Fleet)

He shook the thoughts of his late wife aside and checked the transmitter again to make sure its components were in no danger of breaking down. Unlike his sonic razor, the apparatus showed no signs of weakening. Which was the only thing that mattered to him, absent the receipt and acknowledgment of his signal.

"You need not worry about that device too much longer......old friend."

Baltar spun around and his eyes widened in shock as he saw a man he had faced twice before, and who spoke in a voice he had heard on even more occasions.

"You...." the human traitor whispered.

"Of course. Who else would be capable of appearing to you in but the blink of an eye?" he moved toward him. "I come only to bring you a message of hope, Baltar. As I said to you once before in your prison cell. All is not lost. Things shall time. Be patient for now, and your opportunity shall come."

"Wait!" Baltar shouted. But before he could form another word, the image of Count Iblis was gone, and once again there was nothing around Baltar but the emptiness of the planet.

Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar Galactica, leads a ragtag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest. A shining planet.....called Earth.
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