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Fan questions answered 05/2007

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:48 am    Post subject: Fan questions answered 05/2007 Reply with quote

I had the opportunity to bring questions from the fans to Anne during the sporting clays competition. Here they are along with her responses.

Bree asks, with regards to rodeos, which was your favorite horse?

Wow, which was my favorite horse? (ponders the question) There was a horse I rode in Fort Worth, and I canít remember her name. She passed away, but she was a great mare. I borrow all the horses I compete on.

Did you do the complete cutting and reining classes?

No. I compete in celebrity cuttings and celebrity reining, not full complete classes, although I have won a celebrity reining and won lots of celebrity cuttings, probably about 20 of them.

Did you do any team roping?

No, I donít rope.

Do you remember going to Ashville NC for a film festival?

I sure do, it was a few years ago.

Do you remember what you were most impressed with, or any movies that stood out at the time you were there?

No, I donít, because I was at an autograph thing, in Asheville, that was called the Asheville Film Festival, but it was not in fact THE Asheville Film Festival.

Senmut asks, are there any great parts, historical or otherwise, that you wish you could have played?

HmmÖIíd love to have a crack at Lady M someday.

Lady MacBeth?


Ernie asks, what do you think of Galactica fanfilms that have been done for the [original] series. Are you aware of any of them?


Have you ever been approached or considered doing anything related to Sheba in any type of fanfilm activity?

Nope. Nobodyís ever asked me.

Have you heard anything recently about a continuation?

Nope. This is boring [for the listeners], all I do is say no. (laughing) No I have heard nothing.

Have you seen Richardís second coming trailer?

Yes I have, itís wonderful.

What did you think about it?

Itís fabulous! Iím amazed that he was able to pull that off. The values are terrific. I love it.

Do you have any opinions, or do you have any feelings of any future original series activities that may happen besides comic books?

Oh I think it would be fun to get us all together again. Laurette and I could be knitting in wheelchairs at the home for old viper pilots. They could fly by our planet and visit us. (laughing) We could be little old space grandmas. (laughing)

Ken, from the forum who is blind, wanted to inform you of the website They offer science camps for blind kids with NASA, a portable reader, and a Youth Slam to get blind kids into match, science, and engineering. He wanted you to be aware of it and to check it out.

Thatís pretty cool. I will check it out.

Dawg wants to know, how are you? Aside from the busy working actress, the busy mom, how are you?

I am good! Life is good. Iím a happy girl.

There has been three seasons of the new show, with a fourth season given the green light by SciFi. Sept17th says that people speculate that the time for the original cast in a Battlestar Continuation film/show has passed. He wants to know if you agree with that.

No, it would be something completely different. I donít know, I think it would be fun to do something [like that].

Eric asks what are you recollections about the ďMagnum P.I.Ē episode ďLest We ForgetĒ where you and Miguel Ferrer played the younger versions of characters played by your mother and Jose Ferrer in the flashback sequences?

It was great fun. We had a wonderful time, and honestly I donít think that there - at that time or really since Ė were a mother and daughter and father and son who looked so much alike that you could [pull that off] and I remember Don Bellisario saying that he wrote that show for us.

Did your mother watch you film any scenes to try to be more like you? Or try to recreate that [in her scenes]?

I donít really recall if my mother was on the set when I worked or not. She had actually just had an accident and got out of the hospital just prior to that. She had a car accident, a guy had hit her car while she was doing a play in Texas, so she spent a lot of that show sitting down because she had broken her pelvis.

[At this point, one of the fellow shooters comes over to Anne and tells her to make sure she tells her mom how much he enjoyed Juneís performance in Lassie. Anne said that she certainly would.]

Battlestar Galactica is the only television series you were ever a regular cast member of?

Yeah, I had recurring roles on other shows, butÖ

Were there any other series you turned down afterwards as far as opportunities to be involved as a regular cast member?

Probably, but I canít really remember. I had a manager at the time who actually turned stuff down for me without telling me. Apparently, the most glaring one was the role in Halloween that Jamie Lee Curtis played. I never knew anything about it. Nobody ever told me.

Eric wants to let you know that your Fall Guy and first Hardy Boyís appearance are coming out on DVD in a few weeks.

Oh, goodness!

Slinter wants to know if you ever thought of doing Sheba as a one woman show?

Little hard without a spaceship. (laughing) Little tough without a viper. (laughing)
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