Family Weekly: November 4, 1973
by Helen Dorsey


Anne Lockhart, June Lockhart's daughter, has no diet regimen-but she avoids rich desserts. Anne relies on simple, almost-no-cooking recipes and keeps "full" by drinking vast quantities of mineral water or fruit juices (also great for the skin). "I don't think I could live without my electric blender. I'm always making crushed fruit drinks and original concoctions for quick snacks or meals. When I cook, I stick to simple foods, mostly vegetables. One of my favorite dishes is a French recipe for ratatouille, a kind of vegetable stew made with eggplant, zucchini, carrots, celery, tomatoes and anything else that happens to be in my icebox!" Her condiments have almost no calories at all: fresh snipped herbs, spices, a few drops of fresh lemon or lime juice, herbed vinegar or Worcestershire sauce.

Not a strict vegetarian, Anne eats broiled and baked fish, chicken or lean meat. "I'm really big on fruit salads made with yogurt and lots of little nuts and crunchy things to surprise you." She relies on honey to sweeten tea or as a sugar substitute in recipes.